The reforms launched by the Moldovan authorities, the problems that have arisen in relations with Russia and the issues related to national security have become the main topics discussed at the meeting with the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Ioann Mircea Pascu, as well as the leaders of the European People's Party faction, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats For Europe and the Greens.At a meeting with the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Vlad Plahotniuc presented the main steps taken by the Moldovan authorities to modernize society and bring our country closer to the European Union. The leader of the Democrats also spoke about the difficulties that arise in relations with Russia, stressing that Romania remains a loyal partner of our country.
A high-ranking European official welcomed the visit of the DPM leadership in Brussels, noting that the Democrats should also provide information on the current situation in Moldova. He stressed that our country needs a strategic vision with regard to security, adding that Moldova should not give up neutrality.
Vlad Plahotniuc told the vice-chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe faction that he also discussed the laundering of 22 billion US dollars from Russia through Moldova and the pressure exerted by Russian special services so that the authorities refused to investigate the case. In this context, he noted the initiative of the DPM to ban Russian propaganda, which was supported by the European Parliament. "Moldova has the right to ban Russian propaganda. It was necessary to do this much earlier, "- said the vice-chairman of ALDE. He praised the activities of the Moldovan government and noted that the positive results of the work of the government can bring additional electoral points to the Democratic Party.
The parties also discussed the electoral reform in Moldova, and Petras Ašštrevičius stressed that additional consultations on this issue are needed. The European MP also spoke about certain risks of moving to a mixed system, such as the regionalization of Moldova, as well as the reduced representation of women in parliament.
A direct contact with the leaders of the PDM was also welcomed by the representative of the Green faction - the European Free Alliance Rebecca Harms. The First Vice-Chairman of the PDM, Prime Minister Pavel Filip presented the main reforms implemented by the government, the positive results of which are visible from opinion polls showing a tripling of the level of confidence in the government over the past year. According to Pavel Filip, a situation now has arisen where some extra-parliamentary parties are trying to convince the European Parliament to suspend macro-financial assistance. "Do not allow the internal political battles of Moldova to be transferred to the European Parliament," Pavel Filip said.
In turn, the chairman of the parliament and the vice-chairman of the PDM, Andrian Candu, noted that the transition to a mixed electoral system was promised to citizens 17 years ago and this promise is repeated on every election campaign. Kandu noted that the parliament will take into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission, but it will be more difficult to achieve full consensus. Rebekka Harms welcomed the decision of the Moldovan deputies to take into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission, noting that there is no broad consensus in the European Parliament either.
Rebbek Harms said that strict control over how money allocated to Moldova by the European Union is needed. "We supported the initiative to suspend the financing of Moldova after President Igor Dodon stated that European money is being stolen. It is necessary to check this information, "Rebbeka noted.
Harms. In turn, Vlad Plahotniuc stressed that the Moldovan government's statements touched upon the Moldovan authorities, as well as the fact that Igor Dodon, who is in opposition, is engaged in public relations in order to prepare for the parliamentary elections to be held in 2018. "Igor Dodon knows that his statement is false, but they will be taken into account in Brussels," the PDM leader said.
The delegation led by Vlad Plahotniuc met with the leaders of the largest political faction of the European Parliament - the European People's Party. "There is no document on my table with claims to the activities of the government of Philip, and no one here is going to criticize you. We advise you not to stir up passions in your own home, "said Manfred Weber, chairman of the EPP faction.

The leadership of the PDM and the leaders of the EPP discussed the need to preserve pro-European power even after the 2018 parliamentary elections. The parties also discussed such topics as electoral reform, fighting corruption, the ban on propaganda, freedom of the media, and other issues.

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